Being a service provider isn’t enough.

It’s simply not enough to just perform the service.  Our company and personnel have garnered accreditations to ensure that our clients are working with the most knowledgeable and skilled technicians in the industry.  When advancements or new regulations are proposed or adopted, C-Scan communicates these changes to our clientele quickly and accurately.

Through our participation in the industry, C-Scan is privy to late-breaking technology. We constantly monitor and invest in new technologies that allow us to serve our clientele better.

Medical Gas Testing

C-Scan Medical Gas Division is an NITC-certified third party inspection and verification company.

C-Scan's Medical Gas Testing Division (Med-Gas) provides performance evaluations in accordance with NFPA 99 and JCAHO guidelines for many facilities in the Southwest.

C-Scan can provide the following medical gas services:

  • Third party verification
  • Special inspections
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Seminars

C-Scan has developed cost effective testing strategies for its clientele to meet the required testing disciplines. Each medical gas system is unique - therefore each facility should be examined to develop an economical testing program to meet regulatory, safety and budgetary requirements. We work hand in hand with the facilities and engineering departments of the clients we serve to develop the right plan for that facility, whether it be a new preventative maintenance program, new construction or a renovation project.


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