C-Scan's personnel are active in the many professional associations in this industry including ICS, NEBB, IAFCA, CETA, NSF, IEST, ASHE, ABSA and other organizations.

We serve as manufacturer representatives of some of the largest makers of biosafety cabinetry and chemical fume hoods; Nuaire, Baker, Germfree, Envirco, Fisher Hamilton and others./p>

We are one of 30+ companies worldwide to achieve certification in NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing. We have NSF and IAFCA certified technicians on staff in biohazard cabinet testing, experienced ASHRAE & SEFA technicians for the testing of chemical fume hoods. C-Scan's medical gas technicians are NITC-certified to perform medical gas system inspection and verification.

C-Scan Technologies, Inc. - Associates & Affiliations
A.S.H.E. - American Society of Healthcare Engineers
ICS - Independent Certification Services
ABSA - American Biological Safety Association
AIAQC - American Indoor Air Quality Council
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc.
NEBB - one of 30+ firms worldwide accredited by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau for Cleanroom certification
Baker - manufacturer service representative of Baker Biological Safety Cabinets
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
CETA - Controlled Environment Testing Association
NSF - Accredited by the National Sanitation Foundation
Envirco - manufacturer service representative of Envirco Biological Safety Cabinets
NuAire - manufacturer service representative of NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets
IAFCA - The International Air Filter Certifier's Association
NITC-certified Medical Gas Inspector
Labconco - Laboratory Equipment, Fume Hoods, Water Purifiers, and Accessories
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Analytical Instruments, Automation/Robotics and custom products

The Clean Environment Specialists!

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